A Tale of Two Countries

A Tale of Two Countries

One was named Before,
the other After.

Living in Before meant
flourishing olive trees
sunny skies
good health
and economy.

But living in After
meant not enough
food or clean water
but too much
and war.

The number of Syrians living in besieged areas has more than doubled in the past year to nearly 1 million people.

Many accuse the government of isolating, starving, bombing, and denying medical attention and humanitarian aid to people in opposition areas in order to force them to submit or flee.

The number of besieged people as of December 4th, 2016 was estimated to be 974,080 people.

Many have not had food, water or electricity, and there is a harsh winter ahead.

Some have fled the country to try to find a sense of normalcy, but many children have grown up, not knowing what life is like without the war.

This is life turned upside down in the country of Syria.

This is an augmented reality project intended for publishing in a book.  On this website, you can see that there is an upright image and one upside down.  This is so you can turn the book upside down and view the changed scene, and see how human lives have been turned upside down by the conflict.


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